Friday, November 9, 2012

The Indecisive Designer

I have a problem. Everytime someone asks me what my favorite color, food, design style, music is, my answer is always a blank stare and something along the lines of, "Right now? Well..."

Am I afraid to commit to things? Yeah, sometimes. Do I enjoy lots of different things? Most definitely. Does this make me a terrible person to go shopping with? You bet it does. But it has also effect my design process as well. One week I will be in love with patterned backgrounds, the next, I love minimalism. This is both a curse and an attribute. Its a curse because I constantly want to change my personal website. I just recently launched my website It's cute, but it never felt quite right. So I dug around, bookmarked a ton of sites I loves and realized that all the stuff I am digging right now is SUPER minimal. Doh!

So, I took a look at my site and decided to do an overhaul of the feeling. Cleaner, easier to navigate AND mobile friendly. So, I did a redesign (which I am hoping to launch in a week or so, WITH responsive design. 

This is something that I battle with constantly. Maybe it is the perfectionist in me, but I have found with the exercises that I have been doing over the past week or so, being indecisive has made my design better. It's made me test out possibilities that I may not have explored previously. Made me dig deeper into my image research and how things function.

While it can be frustrating at times for me to come up with a solution, I get the feeling that I am really developing my process to be more efficient. Which is a relief.

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